Caravan Panel Repair Adhesive - A5045

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Product Overview

Caravan Panel Repair Adhesive A5045 is a thixotropic, no-drip, two-part adhesive specifically designed for the repair of external and internal caravan panels where the aluminium sheet has become delaminated or where accidental damage has occurred.

The panel repair adhesive cures to form a hard, tough, resilient bond which is resistant to water, solvents and heat. The adhesive can also be used for bonding metals, plastics and building surfaces such as concrete, asbestos board etc. It has found use as a body-filler and for repairing damaged concrete.

Product Specifications

Coverage 4 sq m per Litre
Temperature Resistance -30°C to 90°C
Work life 45-90 mins

What You Get

Caravan Panel Repair Adhesive A5045 is supplied in a 7.5kg kit consisting of:
- 1x 5 litre pail containing 6.3kg of Part A adhesive
- 1x Conical can containing 1.2kg of Part B curing agent

How To Apply
All you need is the kit as supplied and your preferred method of application, such as a trowel or spatula. You'll need to mix the amounts as provided below, then apply to the required area.

By weight: 5 parts of adhesive A to 1 part of agent B
By volume: 3.9 parts of adhesive A to 1 part of agent B

Place fresh or refurbished aluminium sheet in position and hold there using a press, or clamps and battens for at least 6 hours (extremely cold conditions may extend cure time considerably).

The adhesive will then have set-up sufficiently to hold the panel in position, but full cure will require up to 24 hours. Do not mix more adhesive than is required for the area to be bonded. The pot life of a 100 gram mix is 90 minutes, but a 1 litre mix will thicken in considerably less time (about 45 minutes).


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