Hot Melt Applicator Gun - HMG2260

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Product Overview

The Hot Melt Applicator Gun HMG2260 is a professional, industrial, heavy-duty hot melt glue gun. This glue gun operates at 220W which allows for greater glue output than other glue guns. It has several special features which offer the user some useful benefits:

  • It has a unique effort-saving trigger, allowing extended use
  • The adjustable temperature design ensures it can be suited to the required glue properties
  • The stroke adjustor allows control of the amount of glue output. 

The applicator gun operating temperature is 140°C - 220°C (284°F - 428°F). This is adjustable via the internal temperature adjustor making it suitable for hot melt adhesives with differing melting points.

The adjustable heat control which is set with a screwdriver (provided) to prevent unauthorised temperature adjustment.

The Hot Melt Applicator Gun HMG2260 has an ON / OFF switch indicator ensuring easy recognition of the state of the gun at any given time. The effort saving, adjustable 4 finger trigger makes working with this gun for extended periods of time easy and comfortable.

The applicator gun is only suitable for use with glue sticks with a diameter of 11.0 - 11.5mm diameter and lengths of 100mm, 250mm or 300mm length. This make it is perfect for use with all of the hot melt adhesive within our range.

What you get
The Hot Melt Applicator Gun is provided with a stroke adjustor screw to adjust the output volume, a spare nozzle and a screwdriver to adjust the temperature control.

Product Specifications

Adjustable Thermostat 140°C - 220°C
On/Off Switch Yes
Output Capacity (kg/hr) 1.8
Wattage 220W


  1. Plug the glue gun into any AC outlet with required specification; the illuminated red light means power is turned on.
  2. Allow the tool to heat for approximately 3-5 minutes. Insert a stick of adhesive into the back of the tool.
  3. When the gun is fully heated, pull the trigger slowly, until the melted glue begins to flow from the nozzle. Release the trigger to stop the glue flow.


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