Padding Adhesive - W3003 5kg

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Product Overview

Padding Adhesive W3003 is a high quality, general purpose high-tack and high solid, PVA. It has been designed to be used for Padding, Pattern Book, Manila file, Folding carton, 4-corner carton & fancy box manufacture. It is particularly useful for applications where a long open-time is required, & is suitable for use with all Jet application machines.

Application uses

This glue is ideal for being used in the creation and manufacture of:

  • Lamination of paper to board and board to board applications
  • Padding
  • Pattern Books
  • Manila files
  • Folding cartons
  • 4-corner carton
  • Fancy boxes


This Padding Glue, W3003, has the following benefits:

  • Clean running
  • Minimum down time
  • Easy cleaning from glue tanks & machine parts
  • Good adhesion to a wide range of materials
  • Excellent initial tack with long open time
  • Ideal for handwork & high speed machines
  • Exceptional quality control produces unrivalled consistency

Machines suitable for

This adhesive is suitable for the following machines:

  • Swift
  • Bellmer SK11
  • Jagenburg
  • Vega
  • Bobst
  • All roller and wheel applicators
  • All Jet application machines

It can also be hand applied.

Adhesive specifications

Polymer Base PVA
Storage conditions 5°C - 20°C
Dilution Use neat
Usage temperature Ambient
Solids Content 51% to 55%
Viscosity 2000 - 3000 mPas

Available sizes

We offer this PVA adhesive in multiple sizes such as:

Looking for more Flexible padding?

if you are looking for more difficult papers or a more flexible padding, use the Paper & Board PVA - W3012 .


All ingredients meet the requirements of FDA CFR21 175.105 Adhesives, therefore it is safe for the packaging required in transporting or holding of food.

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