Paper & Board PVA - W3012 5kg

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Product Overview

Paper & Board PVA Adhesive W3012 is an outstanding PVA, specifically designed for the craft industry. This glue is particularly used where adhesion to difficult surface is required. It has good initial tack with short open time.

It's called Paper & Board PVA because it's great at sticking paper and board, but it's equally great when used for bookbinding and box-covering materials.

PVA glue features

  • Clean running with minimum down time.
  • Good adhesion to difficult materials
  • High solids for good layflat
  • Good initial tack with short open time
  • Exceptional quality control produces unrivalled consistency
  • Heat re-activatable

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Application methods

This outstanding PVA is easy to apply to all surfaces being particularly suited to application by brush or roller.

Easily washable

This glue is easily washable from skin, clothing and work surfaces too.

Adhesive specifications

Polymer Base PVA
Service Temperature 15°C to 25°C
Solids Content 53-56%
Viscosity 1700 - 2700 mPas
Storage 5°C - 20°C
Dilution Use neat
Usage temperature Ambient

Precautionary information

W3012 can be cleaned as follows:

  • With cold water if the adhesive is wet
  • With a cleaning solvent if the adhesive has dried
  • Note: Belts and other machine parts may be treated to stop glue build up

Not sure if this PVA adhesive is right for your requirements?

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