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Repair To A De-Laminated Window On A Caravan

Below are the stages of a repair to a caravan using Bondrite Clear Acrylic Adhesive S1220. I had searched for a suitable product and eventually discovered the Bondrite Company who I found to be extremely helpful in answering quite a few queries along the way. The following is the step-by-step of how I proceeded in my endeavours which I have put together and Bondrite are welcome to use it as a guide to others if they so wish.

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The use of many adhesives including two part epoxy resins such as Araldite has been used by the model railway community for many years. Not all of the various adhesives traditionally used can be relied upon for the long term however, super glues especially come to mind.

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Contrary to popular belief superglue is not always as super as it is made out to be and not every superglue is made equal. That £1 bottle you can pick up in your local discount store may make bold promises to stick everything it comes into contact with but the reality can be quite different, in essence with superglue you get what you pay for.

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