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At Bondrite Adhesives, we understand the critical role that adhesives play in many industries and applications.

Consequently, our comprehensive range of high-quality adhesive products, from contact adhesives to plastic adhesives, is tailored to meet your specific needs.

From DIY enthusiasts to professional tradespeople, we’ve got you covered. Explore our specialised adhesive categories:

Bouncy Castle & Inflatables Adhesives

Specially formulated for the unique needs of inflatable structures, our Bouncy Castle & Inflatables Adhesives provide a flexible yet strong bond, ensuring that your bouncy castles and inflatables are safe and durable against wear and tear.

Caravan Repair Adhesives

Tailored for the caravan industry, our Caravan Repair Adhesives are designed to withstand the rigours of the road – offering you weather-resistant and long-lasting bonds for all types of caravan, motorhome and even narrow boat repairs.

Contact Adhesives for Rubber & Foam

These contact adhesives are perfect for bonding rubber and foam materials, providing a secure hold while maintaining the flexibility and integrity of the materials. Our own brand contact adhesives easily rival the quality of the well known brands at much more affordable prices.

Metalwork Adhesives

Our metalwork adhesives are engineered for strength and durability and are suitable for bonding a variety of metals in industrial and hobbyist applications. We stock a range of adhesives suitable for the very small intricate applications, up to larger scale sheet bonding applications.

All of our adhesives are high quality consequently, they ensure a permanent, strong bond that can withstand extreme conditions both in heat and environment.

Paper & Packaging Adhesives

Designed for the packaging industry, these paper and packing adhesives offer you a reliable solution for paper products, ensuring a clean, strong bond for packaging, bookbinding and more. Our hotmelts are all FDA approved as food safe and our PVA products can handle even the most difficult of papers.

Plastic Adhesives

Our range of plastic adhesives is formulated to provide strong bonds across various types of plastics, making them ideal for both industrial applications and everyday use. We can provide a tailored solution for PETG, PVC, Polystyrene and acrylic to name but a few.

Woodworking & Joinery Adhesives

Specifically designed for woodworking and joinery adhesives, offer you a strong, reliable bond for all types of wood projects, ensuring durability and integrity in your craft. We stock a range of adhesives from contact adhesives to cyanoacrylates (ca) so no matter how large or small the application we have a suitable product.

At Bondrite Adhesives, we are committed to providing you with high-quality, reliable adhesives for every application. Whether you’re in a professional trade or a passionate DIYer, our adhesives and glues are designed to help you achieve the best results in your projects.

What Adhesives Are Best for Repairing Bouncy Castles and Inflatables?

For bouncy castles and inflatables, we recommend using flexible, high-strength adhesives that can withstand pressure and movement.

Our specialised adhesives in this area ensure that you get durable bonds that are resistant to weather and punctures, which makes them ideal for outdoor amusement equipment.

How Do I Choose the Right Adhesive for Caravan Repairs?

Choosing the correct adhesive for caravan repairs depends on the materials that need to be fixed that are involved.

This adhesive range includes products specially formulated for bonding common caravan/motorhome/narrow boat materials such as aluminium, acrylics / polyplastics, and composite flooring, providing weather-resistant seals and strong fixes. By viewing our range, you can then choose the right one for your needs.

Can Your Adhesives Be Used for Both Interior and Exterior Caravan Applications?

Our caravan repair adhesives are designed for both interior and exterior applications, and they offer you excellent resistance to temperature changes, moisture, and UV light, ensuring that you get long-lasting repairs regardless of the conditions they are exposed to.

What Makes Contact Adhesives Suitable for Rubber and Foam?

Contact adhesives are ideal for rubber and foam due to their immediate bond strength and flexibility, and can handle compression and stretching without weakening as well.

How Do Contact Adhesives Work with Rubber and Foam Applications?

Contact adhesives for rubber and foam work by creating a durable bond that resists water and heat. These adhesives are applied to both surfaces, allowed to dry slightly, and then pressed together, which forms an instant and robust bond as a result.

What Type of Metalwork Adhesives Do You Offer?

We provide a range of metalwork adhesives that cater to different types of metals and what you need to repair. Whether you need a sprayable adhesive for large surfaces or something more precise for more delicate applications, our selection covers all personal and industrial needs.

Are Your Metalwork Adhesives Heat Resistant?

Many of our metalwork adhesives are formulated to withstand high temperatures, making them suitable for environments where heat resistance is crucial.

Consequently, these suitable adhesives will maintain their strength under thermal stress, which is especially ideal for automotive and machinery repairs.

What Are the Best Practices for Applying Paper and Packaging Adhesives?

For optimal results with our paper and packaging adhesives, you need to ensure the surfaces are clean and dry.

Then, apply a thin, even layer of adhesive and allow time for it to set correctly. Our adhesives are designed to provide you with quick adhesion while ensuring a very strong bond.

Can Your Plastic Adhesives Bond Different Types of Plastics?

Our plastic adhesives are designed to bond to a wide range of plastics, including acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS and PVC, to name only a few.

However, for best results, you should check compatibility with specific plastic types, as certain adhesives are formulated for specific plastics.

How Do I Prepare Surfaces for Bonding with Woodworking and Joinery Adhesives?

Surface preparation is key in woodworking and joinery especially, so ideally, you need to ensure that your surfaces are clean, dry, and free from dust or oil as well.

Sanding the wood can slightly help to increase the bonding area and improve adhesion as well.

Are Your Woodworking Adhesives Suitable for Both Softwood and Hardwood?

Our woodworking adhesives are formulated to work equally effectively on both softwood and hardwood. They are designed to cope with the different densities and grain patterns, ensuring that you get a reliable bond in your joinery.

What Safety Measures Should Be Followed When Using Adhesives?

Safety is also essential when using adhesives, so you should wear appropriate protective gear, such as gloves and goggles, while also ensuring the workspace is well-ventilated, mainly when using solvents or adhesives that emit fumes – always follow the product’s safety datasheet that can be provided.

Can Adhesives Be Used for Structural Repairs?

Some of our adhesives are designed for structural repairs, offering you high strength, and these glues are suitable for use with load-bearing applications. They can even replace traditional fastening methods in many cases, providing you with a better-looking finish and a stronger solution simultaneously.

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