Cast Acrylic Adhesive - WC112 - 50ml

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Product Overview

WC112 is a single-component structural acrylic adhesive designed to bond cast acrylic sheet with a bond strength that should always outperform the substrate.

This ultra high strength is achieved by using a bespoke blend of advanced acrylic polymers which when combined with our non Dichloromethane cure system provides a fast bond speed with ultra high clarity.

Following the growing concern regarding the possible carcinogenic effects of Dichloromethane, WC112 was developed using an alternate derived from renewable resources with a very low environmental impact.

Adhesive features

This alternate adhesive is very safe to use and brings a number of marked improvements to the adhesive system including:

  • A faster cure speed and handling strength
  • Improved optical clarity with no amber or blue tint to the cured material
  • A safer to use structural adhesive

Designed to bond Cast Acrylic

This cast acrylic adhesive kit is slow-curing and specifically designed to bond cast acrylic (Perspex) allowing time for re-alignment and longer time for application.

Adhesive bead

This 50ml bottle should provide a bead 4-5mm wide 3m long.

High bond strength

This cast acrylic adhesive WC112 when cured provides a bond strength normally stronger than the acrylic itself.

Sizes of this glue available

This glue is available in the following sizes:

Adhesive properties

Resin Methyl Methacrylate
Colour Transparent
Appearance Clear liquid
Viscosity Brookfield T-Bar 3,000 CPS
Handling strength 3 hours @ 20°C
Joint machine time 24 Hours

Performance of cured material

ASTM D1002 Lap shear Acrylic Substrate failure
Gap fill 0.15mm - 0.6mm
Temperature Range -55°C to 120°C

Please test

Please test the flow and get used to its speed by running fine beads along a test surface such as glass or metal.

DO NOT WIPE any excess over the surface as this will smear the surface and leave an unsightly smudge. Kitchen paper / tissue can be used to carefully absorb any excess.

Directions for use

  1. Always consult MSDS before using WC112 for the first time
  2. Carry out surface preparation where required on the cast acrylic sheet
  3. Dispense a line of adhesive and quickly assemble the parts to minimise solvent evaporation
  4. Allow the adhesive sufficient time to achieve handling strength before moving or unclamping components

Not sure if this Acrylic adhesive is right for your requirements?

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