Clear Acrylic Adhesive - S1220

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Product Overview

Clear Acrylic Adhesive S1220 is a low-viscosity, two-component, transparent, structural adhesive for the high-strength bonding of plastics and composites.

Clear Acrylic Adhesive S1220 combines shock resistance with a high tensile shear strength through an innovative liquid plastic resin. Once bonded, this fusion of chemistries achieves an extra high strength UV stable bond with excellent chemical and environmental resistance.

Typical Uses

Clear Acrylic Adhesive S1220 is a very versatile product which will bond a wide variety of industrial plastics without the need of primers or surface treatment.

Some typical examples are:
- Bonding acrylic letters in the sign industry
- Bonding clear or coloured acrylic (Perspex) in the Point of Sale Display industry

Product Specifications

One mixer nozzle is provided with each 25ml cartridge. If you are using two or more cartridges, the mixer nozzle can be taken off the used cartridge and fitted to the new one to avoid loss of product in the nozzle. Extra mixer nozzles XM1000 can be found in the Dispensers section.

Bond length 1.5m per cartridge
Bonds Acrylic
Gap fill 2mm
Open time 2-3 mins



(No reviews yet) Write a Review