Delamination Cast Acrylic Adhesive - WC112- 250ml kit

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Product Overview

This cast acrylic adhesive is slow curing and specifically designed to bond cast acrylic (Perspex) making it perfectly suited to repairing delaminated caravan windows. The slower curing time allows for re-alignment and longer time for application. When cured it provides a bond strength normally stronger than the acrylic itself.

The 250ml tin of adhesive should provide a bead 4-5mm wide 15m long. This 5mm will spread across approximately the 15mm flange between the panels.​ The bottle provided with this kit is empty and is to aid with the application of the product.

Product Specifications

Bond length 15m for a bead 4-5mm wide
Bonds Cast Acrylic
Cure time 3 hours
Gap Fill 0.2mm to 0.6mm

If you are only repairing a single window this is probably too much adhesive so we also have a 50ml bottle which will provide a bead 3m in length.


Please test the flow and get used to its speed by running fine beads along a test surface such as glass or metal.

DO NOT WIPE any excess over the surface  of the acrylic window as this will smear the surface and leave an unsightly smudge. Kitchen paper /tissue can be used to carefully absorb any excess.

Extra care should be taken to ascertain if the window is POLYCARBONATE. If it is it may cause stress cracks, as may some acrylic windows.

As a conscientious company we feel we should let you know ….

Four customers in hundreds using WC112 have experienced severe stress cracking. We think this may be as a result of tightly clamping the two parts of the window.

Unusure which of our window delamination products to use?? See our video below to help answer some of your questions.

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