Helpful Information

Do You Have A Gluing Problem?

Let our laboratory test your substrates and suggest the best adhesive given your application requirements. Our experts can also discuss your situation and resolve it without testing, as we have probably come across it before!

No Idea Of What To Use Or How To Apply It?

Our Sales Engineers will work with you from design to production if needed. You may not be interested in how and why it works, just as long as it gets done as effectively and efficiently as possible. So let the UK’s leading industrial adhesives supplier guide you through the process and solve your problem.

How Do you Apply The Adhesive You Want?

In addition to sealants and adhesives, Bondrite also can provide their clients with necessary equipment, from adhesive dispensing systems to hot melt glue guns. If you do not see the product you require, or need technical help, please contact our sales office on 01509 815550 and we will be delighted to assist you.

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