High Quality Silicone A - D1002 Clear

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Product Overview

High Quality Silicone D1002 - also known as Silirub A - is a high-quality, elastic one-component joint sealant based on silicones. Suitable for joints in bathrooms and kitchens, top sealing in glazing and air conditioning units.

Silirub D1002 has the following beneficial properties:

  • Very easy application;
  • Permanent colour, UV-resistant;
  • Stays elastic after curing;
  • Very good adhesion on many materials;
  • Typical acetic smell.

Typical Uses
Silirub is perfect for the following applications:

  • Building and construction joints;
  • Joints in sanitary applications and kitchens;
  • Glazing and connection joints;
  • Elastic joints in cold store and container applications;
  • Sealing in air conditioning systems.

Product Options
You can purchase Silirub in clear or white so whatever colour seal you need we have the one you need.

Product Specifications

Base Polysiloxane
Curing Rate 2mm/24hrs
Hardness Shore A 22 +/- 5
Temperature Resistance -60°C to +280°C



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