Hot Melt 8 Mini Sticks - H1010

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Product Overview

Hot Melt H1010 is an outstanding high performance clear hot melt adhesive, specifically designed for the craft industry. H1010 is suitable for bonding paper & board, wood, hardboard, foams, ABS, perspex, Aluminium and other porous and non porous materials.

These mini sticks are perfect for crafting. They are small and easy to handle without compromising on quality. This product is flexible, with good flow characteristics and aggressive tack and high UV light stability.

There are 8 sticks in each pack. Each stick is 7.4mm diameter x 100mm long.

For use with HMG MINI only. These are too small to fit in our other hot melt guns.

Product Specifications

Colour Clear
No. of Sticks 8
Size 7.4mm x 100mm
Use With HMG Mini



(No reviews yet) Write a Review