Paintless Dent Remover Hot Melt - H1004

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Product Overview

This paintless dent repair hot melt is designed for removing dents in car, vans and caravans. Suitable for the removal of door dings, hail damage, minor body creases and minor bumper indentations. Unlike more established methods of dent removal, glue PDR has the advantage of being more precise and effective, as well as being compatible with both aluminium and steel doors. Using this technique also makes it easier to correct dents in hard to reach areas.

Product Options
This pack is 5 sticks of 12mm black dent repair hot melt.

How to Use
The hot melt is easy to use in conjunction with dent remover tabs and a puller slide hammer T-bar tool see XPULR in this category. All you need is a hot melt gun to apply the hot melt to a dent remover tab and attach the tab to the dent. Allow the hot melt to cool for 30-40 seconds and then using the puller slide hammer T-bar tool pull the tab away from the vehicle panel. the hot melt then simply peels off the car without causing any paintwork damage. The tabs set comes with a range of different size and shape tabs to suit all types of dents. It is a fast easy way to repair your vehicle dent without the expensive cost of a professional repair.

You can see how easy it is to do on our YouTube video which you can find below.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review