Pipe Seal with approvals - 50ml - A2577

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Product Overview

Pipe seal A2577 is used in sealing of all types of threaded connections against water, oil, gases and most common materials conveyed by pipes. Pipe seal A2577 is a high-viscosity thixotropic gel paste which cures rapidly, sealing instantly to 10 bar through its Anaerobic cure system in contact with metals in the absence of air (oxygen). A2577 is not suitable for oxygen systems.

When cure speed is extended due to low temperatures or inactive surfaces, an activator can be used. The best results are found if A2577 is applied to a second or third threadform. Excess can be wiped away, any migration into lines will not solidify and can be flushed away during commissioning.

A2577 has gas and water approvals for use on pipe fittings and course threaded components.

Product Specifications

Colour Yellow
Operating Temperature -54°C to 150°C
Pressure Resistance 10,000 Psi
Viscosity 70,000-130,000 cP



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