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H1000 is a General Purpose Hot Melt Adhesive, that is an outstanding high-performance clear hot melt glue, specifically designed for product assembly and packaging operations.

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H1000 is a General Purpose Hot Melt Adhesive, that is an outstanding high-performance clear hot melt glue, specifically designed for product assembly and packaging operations.

Application uses

This hot melt adhesive is suitable for bonding materials such as:

  • Paper
  • Board
  • Timber
  • Hardboard
  • Foams
  • ABS
  • Aluminium
  • Packaging applications
  • Difficult surfaces
  • Food packaging
  • Printing
  • Furniture
  • Product assembly
  • Other porous and non-porous materials

Other uses can also include:

  • Packaging – Sealing cardboard boxes and cartons in the packaging industry.
  • Woodworking – Bonding wooden parts in furniture making or cabinetry.
  • Electronics – Fixing components in place on circuit boards or in electronic devices.
  • Automotive – Securing interior trims, fabrics, or insulation materials in vehicles.
  • Textiles – Attaching labels or emblems to garments and fabrics.
  • DIY Projects – General adhesive use in home-based crafts and repairs.
  • Bookbinding – Applying spines and fixing covers in book manufacturing.
  • Footwear – Gluing parts of shoes, such as soles to uppers.
  • Construction – Adhering materials in insulation, flooring, or panelling.
  • Art and Design – Used in creating sculptures, models, or decorative items.

Packaging and Carton Sealing

It is ideal for sealing cardboard boxes and cartons in the packaging industry due to its strong bond and quick setting time.

Furniture Assembly

Useful in assembling wooden or particle board furniture, providing a solid bond for joints and veneers.

Electronics Manufacturing

It can be used for bonding parts in electronic devices where a robust and precise bond is needed without damaging sensitive components.

Automotive Parts Assembly

Useful in the automotive industry for attaching various interior components like roof linings, door panels, and upholstery.

Textile and Fabric Bonding

Works well for bonding fabrics in producing garments, upholstery, or carpeting, where a transparent and flexible bond is essential.


Suitable for binding books, magazines, or catalogues and offers a strong bond that can withstand frequent handling.

Crafting and Hobby Projects

It is ideal for DIY projects and crafts, especially where a clear adhesive is preferred for a neat finish.

Product Assembly in Manufacturing

Useful in the general assembly of a wide range of products, especially where a strong, durable bond is required.

Perspex Window and Door Manufacturing

It can be applied in assembling Perspex window frames or doors, particularly where an invisible bond is advantageous.

Adhering Inserts

Wallet style phone cases have an insert to hold the phone in place, this hotmelt adhesive can also be used to stick the insert into the phone case itself.

Flexible with aggressive tack

This hot melt adhesive is flexible, with good flow characteristics, aggressive tack and high UV light stability.

Food packaging safe

General Purpose Hot Melt H1000 is acceptable under Section 175.105 of the USA FDA regulations for use as a food packaging adhesive.

Box contents

The 5kg box contains approximately 160-170 sticks of hot melt.

Technical information

BaseEVA Copolymer
Viscosity @200°C in poise32 poise Brookfield RVT Thermosel
Softening Point95°C (Ring & Ball)
Heat Resistance-40°C to +70°C
Working Temperature150°C – 210°C
Open timeUp to 50 seconds (depending on amount applied and application temperature)
Max Storage Temperature30°C


Fumes should not be inhaled; consequently, please use in a well ventilated area, avoid ingestion, and if ingestion occurs, please seek medical advice.

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