Inflatable Boat Repair Kit – P1002

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This PVC adhesive is particularly useful for the repair of inflatable products, including boats and lifesaving equipment.

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This PVC adhesive is particularly useful for the repair of inflatable products, including boats and lifesaving equipment.

This PVC adhesive offers the user the following benefits:

  • Ensures a secure bond because it is resistant to plasticisers and has been developed specifically for adhering PVC.
  • Has a temperature resistance of -30°C to 120°C and is resistant to both sea water and chemicals.
  • Extremely versatile.
  • Is toluene free, making it suitable for both professional and non-professional use.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive application equipment as it is easily and quickly applied with a brush or roller.
  • To aid with application we also offer a brush lid to fit the 250ml tin.

Application uses

This Inflatable Boat Repair kit, P1002, is a two-part adhesive which will bond a wide variety of surfaces. As a result, this adhesive is ideal for or known as:

  • PVC
  • Repair PVC inflatable products
  • Boats
  • Lifesaving equipment
  • PVC adhesive
  • Inflatable boats
  • Sea water resistant adhesive
  • Plasticised PVC
  • Unplasticised PVC

Patching Holes

The kit’s primary use is to adhere customer supplied patches to small to medium holes or tears on the inflatable boat’s surface to prevent water from seeping in.

Seam Repairs

It can be used to fix leaks or separations in the seams of the boat, which are critical for maintaining the structural integrity of the vessel.

Reinforcing Wear Points

Areas prone to wear and tear, such as the bottom or sides of the boat, can be reinforced by using our repair kit to adhere a suitable material to extend the boat’s lifespan

Fixing Delamination

The kit can be used to adhere the boat’s material layers back together when they start to separate.

Handle or D-ring Attachment

Over time, handles or D-rings used for towing or carrying the boat may come loose or detach. The repair kit can securely reattach these components.

Repairing Air Floor

The kit can be used to repair punctures or leaks in inflatable boats with an air floor, ensuring the floor remains firm and comfortable.

Emergency Repairs

In addition to planned maintenance, the kit is crucial for emergency repairs during boating trips. It allows for quick fixes to unexpected issues that might otherwise cut the trip short.

Applications Overall

Having an Inflatable Boat Repair Kit like the P1002 on hand is vital for maintaining the safety, functionality, and appearance of your inflatable boat.

The additive provided is to be mixed with the adhesive prior to application and improves heat resistance of the final bond.

This Inflatable Boat Repair adhesive comes in various sizes:

This adhesive is available in the following sizes:

  • Inflatable Boat Repair Kit – 250ml
  • Inflatable Boat Repair Kit – 1 Litre

Adhesive technical information

Finishing30°C to 120°C
Coverage4m2 / Litre
Application Temperature5°C – 30°C
Viscosity CPS3000 cps
Tack life5 mins
Pot life4-6 hours
Cure-Time (20°C)48 hours/ 6 days
Storage Temperature5°C-25°C

Adhesive information – Part B

ColourBrown (translucent)
BaseIsocyanate solution (MDI)
Solids Content18% – 22% approx.
ViscosityLow (20°C)

How to use this adhesive

  1. As of 24 August 2023, training is required for professional and industrial users of polyurethane adhesives and sealant products within the EU and UK. The training is all online via a PU Training platform which can be accessed via
  2. Ensure surfaces to be bonded are clean and free from grease and other contaminants. We recommend that you abrade substrates with a clean emery cloth or wipe with C1017.
  3. Mix the curing agent thoroughly into the adhesive for five minutes (approximately). Ideally, mix in the proportions supplied or by components adhesive & curing agent at a ratio of 100:6 by weight.
  4. Apply an even coat of the adhesive to both surfaces with a brush, roller coater or serrated trowel. Allow the adhesive to dry for 5-15 minutes or until it is dry to touch (knuckles).
  5. Please note: Applying two thin coats of adhesive is preferable to ensure maximum adhesion. Leave the first coat to dry for approximately 20-30 minutes before applying the final coat. Allow the final coat to dry for 5 to 15 minutes.
  6. Join the surfaces together using as much pressure as possible. This is to prevent air entrapment. Components may be handled within minutes of being bonded.

Inflatable Boat Repair adhesive price

If you buy this adhesive in bulk we offer a discounted rate making it even better value for money.

Not sure if this inflatable boat repair adhesive is right for your requirements?

If you are not sure if this PVC adhesive is correct for your requirements please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can point you in the right direction.

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