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This Low Temperature Hot Melt Adhesive, H2235, is an outstanding high performance hot melt adhesive, specially formulated to have a low viscosity and for low temperature applications.

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This Low Temperature Hot Melt Glue, H2235, is an outstanding high performance hot melt adhesive, specially formulated to have a low viscosity and for low temperature applications.

Application use

It has been found suitable for bonding materials and for low temperature applications, such as:

  • Paper and board
  • Varnished and coated board stock
  • Timber
  • Hardboard
  • Foams
  • Other porous and non-porous materials
  • Food packaging
  • Printing
  • Furniture
  • Product assembly

Further to the above this Low Temperature Hot Melt Adhesive is also suitable for:

  • Packaging – Ideal for sealing cardboard boxes and other packaging materials.
  • Bookbinding – Useful in binding books, especially for attaching the spine to the cover.
  • Woodworking – Excellent for joining wooden pieces in furniture making.
  • Electronics – Used in securing wires and components in electronic assemblies.
  • Automotive – Helpful in automotive upholstery and parts assembly.
  • Footwear – Used in shoe manufacturing for attaching soles and other components.
  • Textiles – Suitable for fabric bonding and apparel manufacturing.
  • Art and Crafts – Perfect for various craft projects, including scrapbooking and model making.
  • Flooring – Used in carpet laying and flooring installations.
  • Product Assembly – General purpose adhesive for various product assembly applications.

This Low-Temperature Hot Melt Adhesive H2235 is typically used in various applications due to its strong bonding properties and lower melting point. As a result, it can be safely and effectively utilised in numerous ways.

These can include, for instance:

Crafting and DIY Projects

Perfect for bonding fabrics, plastics, and lightweight woods in various crafting projects. Its low-temperature melting point ensures safety for hobbyists, including supervised use by children in school projects.

Furniture Repair

Ideal for repairing wooden furniture joints, fixing veneer surfaces, or reattaching laminate edges due to its strong bond and ease of application.

Fabric Applications

Suitable for attaching patches, appliqués, or decorative elements to textiles without damaging the fabric due to the lower heat requirement.

Floral Arrangements

Used in floral designs to secure artificial flowers and decorative elements in arrangements, wreaths, and bouquets.

Automotive Interior Repairs

Appropriate for fixing headliners, carpeting, or upholstery in vehicles, as it can withstand varying temperatures and provides a durable bond.

Packaging and Box Sealing

Useful in sealing lightweight cardboard or plastic packaging, particularly in low-volume or craft-based product packaging.

Electronics Assembly

Can be used for securing wires or components within electronic devices where excessive heat might damage sensitive parts.

Footwear Repair

Effective for reattaching decorations, straps, or other components, offering flexibility and a strong bond.

Art Installation and Model Making

Ideal for bonding materials in art installations or architectural models where precision and minimal damage to delicate parts are crucial.

Educational Tools and Toys

Safe for use in creating or repairing educational tools and toys due to its lower temperature and strong adhesive properties.

These applications highlight the versatility of Low-Temperature Hot Melt Adhesive H2235, making it a valuable tool for professionals and hobbyists alike in a wide array of projects.


This low temperature hot melt is opaque / white in appearance.

Good flow characteristics

It is flexible, with good flow characteristics and tack.

Safe for food packaging applications

This Low Temperature Hot Melt H2235 is acceptable under Section 175.105 of the USA FDA regulations for use as a food packaging adhesive.

Also known as

This hot melt adhesive is known by many names. Some of these include:

  • Low temperature hot melt adhesive
  • Low melt
  • Paper low melt
  • Packaging low melt glue
  • Packaging low temperature hot melt glue
  • FDA approved low melt
  • Food safe low melt glue
  • Food safe glue
  • Food safe hot melt
  • Food packaging low melt
  • FDA low melt

Box contains

The 5kg box contains approximately 160 – 170 hot melt glue sticks.

Technical Information

BaseEVA Copolymer
Viscosity @150°C in poise50 poise Brookfield RVT Thermosel
Viscosity @200°C in poise8 poise Brookfield RVT Thermosel
Softening Point80°C (Ring & Ball)
ColourOpaque / White
Heat Resistance-40°C to 70°C
Open TimeUp to 40 seconds (depending on amount applied and application temperature)
Working Temperature140°C to 175°C
Max Storage Temperature30°C

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