PVC / ABS Adhesive - WC137 - 500ml

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Product Overview

WC137 is a PVC / ABS is a pipe weld adhesive which has specifically been developed for bonding rigid PVC or ABS. The adhesive can be used in the plastic moulding industries, the building industry and in the fabrication of rigid PVC rainwater and general drainage systems.

This PVC / ABS adhesive WC137 complies with the requirements for jointing rigid PVC pipes to BS 3505 or BS 3506 with fittings complying with the appropriate part of this specification.

This PVC / ABS adhesive meets the requirements of the Water Byelaws Scheme BS 6920: 1996. Cold Water Use.

Application uses

This pipe weld adhesive is ideal for the following applications:

  • Fabrication of rigid PVC rainwater and general drainage systems
  • Bonding rigid PVC or ABS
  • Used in the plastic moulding industries
  • Suitable for potable water systems
  • Suitable for use in the building industry

Available sizes

WC137 PVC / ABS adhesive is available in:

If you require this in larger containers please call the office on 01509 815550 as this is not available on the website.

Product Specifications

Bonds PVC & ABS
Heat Resistance 60°C
Solids 18%
Viscosity 800cP
Specific Gravity 0.89
Flammability Highly flammable
Storage 5-25°C

Directions for use

  1. Before jointing, the pipe fittings should be checked for position and alignment, both being marked to ensure assembly in the correct position. The surfaces to be bonded should be dry, clean and free from dust, grit or loose materials.
  2. Pipe ends should be smooth and square.
  3. Thoroughly clean the pipe end and the socket with cleaning fluid. This is essential since the fluid not only cleans but also removes the messy surface.
  4. Apply a uniform coat of WC137 to both the pipe end and the socket.
  5. If the preliminary check indicated a tight fit, immediately insert the pipe into the socket with a slight twisting action.
  6. If the preliminary check indicates a loose fit, allow the first coat of WC137 to dry for five minutes. Apply a second coat of WC137 to both surfaces and assemble the joint as above.

Note: Once the joint is complete it can be handled after only a few minutes but the pipe system must not be used under full pressure for at least six hours.


  1. Isolate from sources of heat, naked flames and sparks.
  2. Use under conditions of efficient ventilation. Toxic limits should not normally be exceeded.
  3. Avoid excessive inhalation of vapour.
  4. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
  5. Do not ingest.
  6. Store the adhesive in its original sealed container in a dry, well-ventilated flameproof area in the temperature range of 5 – 25°C

Not sure if this ABS adhesive is right for your requirements?

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