PVC Adhesive - A3701 A/B

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Product Overview

Apollo Marine (A3701 A/B) allows you to securely bond and safely repair PVC inflatable products, including boats and life- saving equipment. It is a two-component ‘contact type’ polyurethane adhesive (2K PU).

Apollo Marine (A3701 A/B) gives the manufacturer
or user the following benefits:

  • Securely bonds PV;
  • Withstands extreme environmental conditions;
  • Extremely versatile;
  • Suitable for professional and non-professional use;
  • Minimises cost and task-time.

Technical Data

Base Polyurethane
Pot-life 4-6 hours
Appearance Neutral
Application Temperature 5-30°C
Temperature Resistance -30-120°C
Environmental See MSDS
Tack-life 5 minutes
Coverage 4m²/l
Cure-Time (20°C) 48 hours / 6 days to achieve maximum strength
Viscosity 3,000 cps


(No reviews yet) Write a Review