PVA / Waterbased

OUr high quality PVA adhesives are particularly suitable for bonding wood, paper, board, card, fabrics and coated paper and boards. We offer D3 and D4 water resistant grades suitable for external uses. 


D3 water resistance - suitable for internal & external joinery applications.


High tack - suitable for padding & box manufacture.


FDA approved - suitable for food packaging & laminating of books / fabrics.


Heat reactivatable - suitable for difficult surfaces & papers.


D4 water resistance - suitable for manufacture of worktops, panels etc.

All prices shown below are inclusive of VAT.

For bulk volumes or large quantities please call the office on 01509 815550 for a bespoke quotation.

  • external PVA

    D4 External PVA - W5000XL

    D4 External PVA W5000XL is a high-performance PVA glue, which conforms to EN 204 for water resistance (classification D4). It is used primarily for all joinery applications where D4 classification is required. D4 External PVA W5000XL is particularly...

    £6.91 - £37.78
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  • D3 External PVA - W3001 - 1kg

    D3 External PVA - W3001

    D3 External PVA W3001 is a high-quality wood glue which is particularly suitable for joinery applications where D3 water resistance is required. It can also be used for internal applications where a faster cure speed is required.  Applications...

    £6.07 - £93.43
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  • laminating adhesive

    Paper & Material Laminating Adhesive - W3005

    Paper & Material Laminating Adhesive W3005 is perfect for all applications where adhesion to difficult surfaces is required. It is designed to be used for case manufacture, board laminating, hand assembly work including labelling and...

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  • padding adhesive

    Padding Adhesive - W3003

    Padding Adhesive W3003 is a general purpose high-tack PVA it is designed to be used for Padding, Pattern Book, Manila file, Folding carton, 4-corner carton & fancy box manufacture. It offers the user the following benefits: Clean...

    £6.49 - £31.64
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  • W3012 - 1kg

    Paper & board PVA - W3012

    Paper & Board PVA W3012 is an outstanding PVA specifically designed for the craft industry. This product is particularly used where adhesion to difficult surface is required. It has good initial tack with short open time. It's called Paper &...

    £8.15 - £40.10
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