Sprayable Wood Adhesive - A3727

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Product Overview

Sprayable Wood Adhesive A3727 has been developed specifically for post-forming operations, including the manufacture of counter tops, kitchen worktops and desks. It is a high-strength sprayable contact adhesive


It offers the manufacturer many benefits:

  • Ideal for post-forming;
  • Allows for flexibility in the manufacturing process;
  • Extremely economical and efficient.

Technical Data

Base Polychloroprene
Appearance Neutral or tinted
Temperature Resistance -30°C to 90°C
Coverage 8-10m²/l
Application Temperature 5-25°C
Viscosity 200-300cps (20°C)
Solids 18-20%
Tack-life 2-10 minutes



(No reviews yet) Write a Review