Acrylic Adhesive - WC102 Kit

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Product Overview

This acrylic adhesive is fast acting, clear and specifically formulated to bond acrylic to itself and other substrates. This version of the acrylic adhesive is supplied as a kit including a disposable hand syringe and/or a fine dosing tip.

It is widely used in the Point of Sale and Sign Industries. As it is very thin it will "wick" into cracks and into pre-mated "L" and "T" sections when creating boxes or displays. WC102 acrylic adhesive will evaporate very quickly and should leave no residue. 


  • Very Low Viscosity;
  • Fast Curing.

Product Specifications

Bonds Acrylic
Gap fill None
Speed of cure Very fast
Viscosity Water thin



(No reviews yet) Write a Review