Nutlock - 50ml - A2243

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Product Overview

Nutlock A2243 is designed for the locking and sealing of threaded fasteners which may require disassembly with standard hand tools. Nutlock A2243 can be used on gearbox bolts/driveshaft, bearing cover cap screws, counter sunk screws, conveyor roller bolts and construction equipment. It protects threads from rust and corrosion and prevents loosening from shock and vibration, replacing lock washers and plastic inserts. It locks machine tool access bolts, studs and hydraulic system bolts. 

Nutlock A2243 is an oil-tolerant removable medium-strength thread-locking fluid. All removable nut grades will hold all metric and imperial or conventional sized nuts and bolts, meeting the requirements of over 80% of fastening applications. Once applied, parts slip together easily, lubricated by the adhesive.

Nutlock A2243 is known as a thread-locking fluid, thread-locking adhesive or simply threadlocker.

How to use
Using Nutlock A2243 is easy. The product is colour coded blue and once cured, will seal and vibration-proof the assembly, giving controlled break loose and prevailing torques. Using conventional tools you can dissemble parts. When force is applied, the parts break loose (first movement) but it will take several turns before the cured film will stop resisting the turning action, thus ensuring against component disassembly.

Controlled torque tension. Easily removed with conventional tools. Effective on all industrial metals.

Product Specifications

Colour Blue
Fixture Time 10-15 mins
Operating Temperature -54°C to 150°C
Viscosity 1500 to 3000cP



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