Sprayable Wood Contact Adhesive - C5006 - 5 Litre

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Product Overview

Sprayable Wood Contact Adhesive C5006 has been developed specifically for post-forming operations, including the manufacture of counter tops, kitchen worktops and desks. It has been developed to be applied with contact adhesive spray systems.

Application uses

This sprayable wood adhesive is used for the following applications:

  • Wood
  • Post-forming operations
  • Counter tops
  • Kitchen worktops
  • Desks
  • Wood panels
  • Similar applications

Adhesive Benefits

As a high-strength sprayable contact adhesive, C5006 offers the manufacturer many benefits. These include:


This wood contact adhesive is ideal for post-forming, of decorative laminates onto chipboard and MDF cores using a range of both static and continuous equipment. This is due to its hot-bond strength, high heat-resistance and fast drying properties.

Its hot-bond strength and high green-strength also make C5006 perfect for the post forming of edge details.

Manufacturing flexibility

This adhesive allows for flexibility in the manufacturing process. Its high initial bond strength allows the immediate handling of materials without clamping, whilst its long open tack-life provides you with the flexibility you may need to account for unforeseen delays.

Extremely economical and efficient

The very nature in which C5006 contact adhesive is applied, i.e. spraying, is extremely economical. Spraying C5006 allows an excellent coverage rate, with minimal mess or waste. It also enables a rapid application time, which helps to improve production efficiency.

Other sizes

This version of Sprayable Neoprene Contact Adhesive C5006 is a 5 Litre tin. It is also available in 25 Litre tins, please contact the office on 01509 815550 if you require this size as it is not available on the website.

Known as

This sprayable wood adhesive is also known as:

  • Sprayable Neoprene Contact Adhesive
  • Contact Adhesive
  • Contact adhesive glue
  • Contact adhesive spray
  • Laminate contact adhesive
  • Laminate contact adhesive
  • MDF contact adhesive
  • Heat resistant contact adhesive

Adhesive information

Colour Neutral or tinted
Base Polychloroprene
Operating Temperature -30°C to 90°C
Application method Spray
Base Polychloroprene
Coverage 8-10m2 / litre
Application temperature 5-25°C
Viscosity 200-300cps (20°C)
Solids 16-20%
Tack life 2-10 minutes

Do you require tinting?

We can tint this product in-house. When it is tinted it will allow you to see where you have sprayed it prior. If you would like to have this tinted please contact us.

Directions for Use

  1. Surfaces to be bonded should be clean, dry and free from loose particles dust and grease
  2. C5006 may be sprayed through most equipment, but for best results a Devilbiss JGV-562 gun fitted with FX fluid tip and needle, and a 777 air-cap is recommended. Atomising pressures of 50 - 80psi and fluid pressures of 10-30psi are required
  3. Apply an even coat of adhesive to both surfaces to be bonded at a coat weight of 30-40 grams per square metre (dry). Allow a minimum of 2 minutes before mating surfaces
  4. Ensure intimate contact and coalescence of the adhesive films by passing the laminate through nip rollers or by platen pressing, using as much pressure as possible without crushing the components
  5. Sustained pressure is not necessary. The high initial strength of the adhesive allows panels to be handled immediately

Precautionary information

  • Store at temperatures above 5°C (40°F). Prolonged storage at lower temperatures may cause the formation of a "gel", which will then necessitate re-processing
  • In conditions of high humidity, a ‘bloom’ may form on the surface which reduces tack and coalescence. Bonds should not be made when this occurs

Wood contact adhesive price

If you buy this contact adhesive in bulk it can cost from only £10.86 / litre.

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