Rubber Contact Adhesive Kit - C5004

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Product Overview

Rubber Contact Adhesive Kit C5004 is a specifically formulated two-part system to provide an excellent water-resistant bond making it particularly suitable for the fabrication of inflatable products such as boats, wet/dry suits, marine fenders and is also an ideal contact adhesive for use in bonding rubber linings in storage tanks. This adhesive is designed for bonding flexible rubbers used in the marine and leisure industries. C5004 rubber contact adhesive will bond natural, polychloroprene, butyl, nitrile and polyurethane rubber materials and also rigid PVC, wood and leather.

C5004 rubber contact adhesive offers the user many benefits:
- Exhibits high-strength bonds between a wide range of materials, including all types of rubbers
- Excellent resistance to heat, saltwater and humidity
- Easy to mix, two-component system - supplied in kit-form with the requisite amount of curing agent
- Easy to apply by brush, roller or serrated trowel
- Contact bonds can be made within 10-15 minutes (full cure)

Product Options
Also available as a 5L kit. If you require this option, please call our office on 01509 815550 as this is not available through the website.

Product Specifications

Colour Natural
Base Neoprene
Operating Temperature -20°C to 100°C
Application method Brush, roller, spreader



(No reviews yet) Write a Review