PETG / Acrylic Adhesive - WC123 - 250ml Kit

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Product Overview

This PETG / acrylic adhesive is fast curing, clear and specifically formulated to bond PETG and acrylic to itself and other substrates.

The adhesive is supplied with an empty bottle and a dosing tip for ease of application. All PETG / acrylic surfaces to be adhered must be dry and free from grease. Degrease with a suitable degreaser. If the adhesive is “wicked” into the joint, slight forward and backwards motion until the adhesive “bites” will speed up the cure. Ideally, a pressure of 80 kilos per square metre should be applied over the bonded area.


  • Very Low Viscosity
  • Fast Curing

Product Specifications

Bonds PETG and Acrylic
Coverage 1.5-2 sq. m
Pack size 250ml
Viscosity Water like



(No reviews yet) Write a Review