Polyurethane Adhesives

Polyurethane adhesives are truly multi-purpose products and can be used to bond a variety of building materials: wood, glass, concrete, metals, carpets, and more. Our range of polyurethanes covers a variety of application methods.

P1001Single part moisture cure – good water & heat resistance, only use if one surface is porous.
P1002Single part adhesive – securely bonds PVC, withstands extreme environmental conditions.
P1002 KitAs above but additive improves heat resistance.
P1005Single-part adhesive/sealants in 310ml tubes – excellent strength, over paintable, bonds aluminium, in black & white.
P1010MS polymer – does not contain isocyanates, solvents or acids, low emission, EC1 PLUS R certified, in clear.
A5045Two part adhesive, used to bond two non porous materials, does not foam.

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