Caravan Window Delamination Acrylic Repair Bonding Adhesive – WC105

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This delamination Acrylic Repair Adhesive is particularly suited to the repair of delaminated caravan, motorhome or boat acrylic / polyplastic windows. It is easy to use and comes in two sizes.

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This delamination Acrylic Repair Adhesive is particularly suited to the repair of delaminated caravan, motorhome or boat acrylic / polyplastic windows.

This delamination adhesive is a clear, medium viscosity and specifically formulated for acrylic sheet and components. It is a ready-mixed, colourless, solvent-based adhesive, and consists of an acrylic polymer and methyl methacrylate monomer dissolved in solvents.

WC105 then hardens as the solvent is absorbed or evaporates, depositing polymer in the joint. In addition, the solvent softens the surfaces being joined so that they fuse, hardening as the solvent migrates into the body of the substrate.

Application uses

Caravan window delamination occurs when the layers of the window start to separate, often due to water ingress, age, or damage. WC105 adhesive is specially formulated to address this issue by rebonding the layers.

As a result, this adhesive glue is suitable for uses on or for:

  • Repair of delaminated caravan windows
  • Joining items made from ‘Diakon’ acrylic polymers
  • Acrylic sheet adhesive
  • Joining items made from cast acrylic (Perspex)
  • Caravan stress crack repair adhesive
  • Caravan window bonding glue
  • Window delamination adhesive
  • Caravan window adhesive
  • Acrylic glue for window repair
  • Glue for caravan windows
  • Acrylic panel adhesive
  • Caravan window delamination repair kit
  • Caravan window bonding glue
  • Caravan window repairs
  • Polyplastic window repair
  • Motorhome window repair
  • Motorhome window delamination repair
  • Glue for motorhome windows
  • Narrow boat window repair adhesive
  • Narrow boat window bonding glue

Rebonding Delaminated Windows

The primary use of WC105 is to rebond the layers of acrylic / polyplastic windows in caravans, motorhomes RVs and narrow boats that have started to separate or delaminate.

Sealing Non Hairline Cracks

Apart from addressing delamination, this adhesive can also be used to seal non-hairline cracks in acrylic windows to prevent them from widening and causing further damage. For hairline cracks please use WC102.

Reattaching Broken Pieces

This adhesive is suitable for reattaching pieces of acrylic/polyplastic windows that have been broken off.

Repairing Light Fixtures

Acrylic adhesives like WC105 can be used to repair or reseal acrylic light fixtures in caravans that have become loose or damaged.

Securing Acrylic Skylights

WC105 can be applied to secure acrylic skylights that may have become loose over time, ensuring they remain watertight and secure against the elements.

Repairing Acrylic Sinks and Basins

In caravans with acrylic sinks or basins, this adhesive can be used for minor repairs, such as sealing small leaks or cracks.

Restoring Acrylic Countertops

For caravans with acrylic countertops that have begun to separate or show signs of wear, WC105 can be used to fill in gaps or reattach separated pieces.

Reattaching Trim and Moldings

WC105 can be used to reattach or repair acrylic or plastic trim and mouldings around windows, doors, and other areas in the caravan.

Fixing Decorative Acrylic Features

For caravans that feature decorative acrylic pieces or installations, WC105 can be invaluable for making repairs or reattaching pieces that have become loose or detached.

When using WC105 or any adhesive, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. This includes preparing surfaces properly and allowing adequate curing time for the best results.

Reduces rapid drying problems

The adhesive has been specially developed to reduce the problems of rapid drying and ‘skinning’, which is common with solvent-based adhesives.

Adhesive variations

This window repair adhesive comes in two sizes:

  • 50ml WC105
  • 250ml WC105 which is supplied with a small empty bottle to decant into.

If you are only completing a small repair, please order the 50ml bottle (which comes with a nozzle as part of the bottle). The 50ml bottle should provide a bead 4-5mm wide 3m long. This 5mm will spread across approximately the 15mm flange between the panels.

PLEASE NOTE: WC105 purchased in this small 50ml bottle has a shelf life of 3-4 weeks and should be used in this time frame, as it can evaporate through the bottle. For this reason, please do not purchase this to use in several months time.

Adhesive Benefits

This adhesive has the following benefits:

  • Medium Viscosity
  • Medium Curing Speed
  • Allows some repositioning

Not ideal to be used with

WC105 Acrylic Repair Adhesive cannot be used with Perspex ME, Perspex SW or Perspex AG grades.

Product Specifications

Polymer BaseMethyl Methacrylate
Solids20% approx
Viscosity600 mPas approx
Specific Gravity1.2 approx
Bond Length3m-5m per 50ml
BondsAcrylic, polyplastic
Gap Fill2mm
Shelf Life3-4 weeks (50ml bottle only)

Please note

When using this Acrylic Repair Adhesive the first time please test the flow and get used to its speed by running fine beads along a test surface such as glass or metal.

DO NOT WIPE any excess over the surface of the acrylic window as this will smear the surface and leave an unsightly smudge. Kitchen paper can be used to carefully absorb any excess.

We have received a small number of reports that this adhesive has distorted the dotting pattern that is found in some caravan windows. Therefore we recommend that caution is exercised if your window has this pattern. If you do not feel that you could live with any distortion please do not use this adhesive.

Customer asked questions

Question: When I take the top off the bottle, there isn’t a nozzle. Have you forgotten to send me something?

Answer: The lid of the bottle has a nozzle included. You need to twist the tip off to reveal the nozzle.

Directions For Use

  1. The window should either be removed and laid flat or put into a horizontal position to avoid the adhesive running down the window.
  2. Gently apply the adhesive along the centre of the delamination with a bead not exceeding 5mm wide as this will spread across approximately 15mm.
  3. If you prefer, level the bead by spreading between the delamination to fully coat the joint.
  4. Check the coating has no gaps that may allow moisture through and thus prevent sealing properly.
  5. Make sure both panels touch everywhere to avoid gaps. The panels can be lightly clamped using clothes pegs or spring clamps but not heavy duty clamps as this has been known to cause a spiderwebbing effect.
  6. Leave for at least 3 hours, but preferably overnight, before re-fitting into the frame.
  7. In extreme heat conditions it is beneficial to refrigerate the adhesive for at least 12 hours before use. A domestic refrigerator is suitable (temperature 5°C – 10°C). If this is not possible, an alternative is to cool the adhesive containers in cold water, although this is less effective.
  8. NB: Always re-cap the bottle immediately after use.

Precautionary information

  1. The gap-filling properties of the adhesive are limited which means that mating surfaces must be machined to close tolerances.
  2. The solvent in WC105 may cause soluble colourants to migrate from one piece of cast acrylic (or other plastic being used) to the next. If colour is important, check for any migration by making a small test joint.
  3. Unopened containers do not need to be stored in a refrigerator.
  4. Always replace the lid of the container immediately after use to prevent evaporation of the solvent.

Caravan Window Repair Adhesive price

If you buy this Delamination Acrylic Adhesive in bulk we offer a discounted rate making it even better value for money.

Not sure if this Caravan Window Bonding Glue is right for your requirements?

If you are not sure if this adhesive is correct for your requirements please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can point you in the right direction.

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50ml, 250ml

44 reviews for Caravan Window Delamination Acrylic Repair Bonding Adhesive – WC105

  1. Gary Markham

    Used this to re-seal my delaminated caravan windows. It worked fantastically. Followed al the instructions and I a very happy with the results. The product was shipped out fast and correspondence was great. I highly recommended these guys.

  2. William dunn

    If you have a delaminated caravan window ….this is the ADHESIVE to sort it out .. I’d recommend you do it out doors tho.

  3. Brian Funston

    Brilliant product easy to use and great technical help,delighted with my repair,saved me getting a new screen on my swift challenger 560

  4. Michael Ford

    Excellent service and excellent product. Ordered in the afternoon and received the adhesive the next day. Helpful advice on the phone to answer a couple of detailed questions. The adhesive did the job fine and my caravan window is now back in one piece.

  5. Robert lloyd

    Great product very strong bond. Buy a syringe and needle to do it with though as it spreads a lot when pushed together. Firm repair so 5 stars.

  6. Steve Feist

    Such a quick and easy product to use, and it does the job.

  7. Deb

    Used to repair a delamination caravan window. Worked a treat! Quick dispatch and kept informed

  8. Eric Butterworth

    Had what I thought was partial delaminating but once started it was clear that the window needed the whole window doing, did the job in situ ( horizontally) run around the edges with a knife quite easily, put the bead of wc105 all round and replace( better with 2 people) and lightly clamped all round, left 24 hours. RESULT COMPLETE SUCCESS would highly recommend

  9. Mark

    Great product, great service would recommend to everyone.

  10. Lea Davis

    Excellent product. Repaired my Caravan window following the instructions provided. Would definately recommend.

  11. Alan Edmiston

    Excellent stuff easy to apply, couldn’t ask for better.

  12. Ron Eaton

    Thought we would try this but alas it did not work

  13. Chris Stansfield

    Does exactly what you need had two caravan windows delaminated sorted them out nice and solid and sealed, Great product.

  14. Robert Cooper

    Excellent product. A piece had sheered off completely around the fixing point of the stay. With care, reseated and fused back in place, then reinforced with extra 3 mm acrylic clear. It was straight forward to fuse the pieces, rather like building an Airfix model. Just enough “wiggle time” to set the piece in place and hold until set. First rate, knowledgeable back up from the team.

  15. Ray Taylor

    So far the repair looks to be fine, the way it was repaired was by carefully cleaning the inner faces where the acrylic had opened up, knifing adhesive in with a thin blade and and pinching together with modeling g , clamps and clothes pegs, leaving for two days, the repair is invisible and so far looks really good.

  16. robert yuill

    great product and fast as lightening delivery. saved me hundreds of pounds – this is my second purchase as the last was so good.

  17. Lesley Keal

    Well what can I say Great communication help and assistance by email and promptly Ordered and received super fast Product has sealed the window together on our van and put across crack so it doesn’t crack any further Highly recommend the company and their products

  18. Martin Rose

    This adhesive was used to repair my partially delaminated motorhome window. I have previously used another bondrite adhesive to rebuild 2 windows. WC105 worked very well. Use only a small bead and test the flow on scrap material. I held the layers apart with small wedges, ran a bead of glue, then removed and lightly clamped. I used a vacuum to gently evacuate the air via the hole in the window as I have found in the past the vapour can cause a little crazing as Bondrite suggested. I would avoid any hard clamping together of panels as the pressure/stress will cause cracking. I used some pinch clamps and strips of wood to spread the load. The glue does slightly soften the surface to be bonded and the painted frame pattern will also show a little movement, but it is a strong repair on a 20 year old window. There is no need to key the surface or try to remove old glue in my experience.

  19. Peter

    very easy to apply and after leaving overnight windows were as good as new ,if I have delamination on any other windows this is what I will use as I tried various adhesives on this window and this was the only one that worked.

  20. Stephen Daniels (verified owner)

    This is the best adhesive for caravan windows by a long chalk …. it flows well into the delaminated gap ( for a partial delmination that is ) so be alert when using, please read the instuction carefully and ensure the window is flat to avoid runs … when set its better than the original bond …. brilliant

  21. Martin Walters

    Phoned for advice and given very good sales information, ordered lunchtime and product arrived the following day, fantastic service would use again most definitely.

  22. James P

    I have used Bondrite a couple of times now and can’t rate them highly enough! On each occasion I have called to get advice on the best product for the job at hand and I seem to get through to the same chap who is very knowledgeable and helpful! This time the product has fixed my caravan window which I thought wasn’t possible and saved me £485. Thank you Bondrite

  23. Alan Smith

    I applied this material to a delaminated front window on my caravan. Following the helpful instructions it was relatively easy to apply and has subsequently been found to have bonded both surfaces into one piece and looks to be a good seal.

  24. Mr Simon English

    Excellent service and fast delivery. Came with instructions to help repair delaminated caravan windows which was really helpful!

  25. Colin Fudge

    Excellent product, use it as it says on the bottle and you cant go wrong, they say it only has a months shelf life but left in a cool place out of the light and it still usable but not sure if it looses its strength

  26. Cristian


  27. Ian

    Good product

  28. Nigel Charles

    This product works perfectly and would definitely recommend it.

  29. Caroline Chlebicka

    We have had to wait a few weeks, but the window condensation has now cleared so hopefully the product wi.thank youll have helped us solve the problem

  30. Terry Horsley

    Great product arrived with 2 days did what it said on the bottle/advertising remains to be seen if it holds but seems great so far

  31. Barry Cowing

    Excellent product easy to use

  32. tony copage

    There is a video that explains which adhesives are suitable for your needs (I needed the adhesive to repair a caravan window – the adhesive isn’t exclusively made just for that purpose). The container sizes available are suited to the non professional as well so no expensive unnecessarily large containers. My order arrived promptly and as advised by e mail, so very good. Using the adhesive as per the straightforward instructions was easy. Overall, a great company to deal with.

  33. Alan Spencer

    Used a smaller amount on one caravan window had short working time. Bought 250 ml with longer life and completed other 2 windows.

  34. Kevin Alexander

    This is a very easy to use product with great results. I’ve used it twice now to repair delaminated caravan windows – where the two parts start to come apart as the windows age. It’s really easy to use (take the window off the caravan first so you can lay it flat). It dries quickly and both of the windows I’ve repaired with it are now pretty much as good as new.

  35. Mark

    Great product , given extra life to our caravan windows easy to apply and dries quickly.

  36. Sandy Mackay

    Follow the instructions including the time scales for perfect results, at a fraction of the cost of a replacement window.

  37. Brian Picken

    Some devilish individual snapped the corner off a motorhome window.Choice -stick it back on or pay around £700 for replacement window.Researched glues from various manufacturer’s before finding this specialist supplier. He confirmed that the WC105 was the most suitable product.Order dispatched promptly.Clear instructions-breath held while applying glue.Check up later -a good bond had been made. Highly recommend this firm & its products.

  38. Mike Teagles

    Does exactly what is claimed. Not just a glue, technically superior product.

  39. Terry Green

    worked perfectly

  40. Lee Anthony Brettell

    Does what it says it will do. Fixed delaminated caravan window. Great instructions. Fast delivery. Highly recommended.

  41. Scott

    Did exactly what it said on the tin…. Excellent for Caravan windows.

  42. Gavin

    Used BONDRITE on my delaminated caravan window, bonded really well & didn’t use too much either. Highly recommend this product.

  43. David

    This helped me out massively as my window cracked badly and couldn’t get another, great product shipped quickly. Highly recommended.

  44. S Hudson

    Just brilliant glue and information.
    Thank you so much I will be in touch if I need any more

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