D3 Wood PVA Adhesive – W3001

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D3 Wood PVA W3001 is a high-quality wood glue which is particularly suitable for joinery applications where D3 water resistance is required. It can also be used for  applications where a faster cure speed is required.

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D3 Wood PVA Glue W3001 is a high-quality wood glue which is particularly suitable for joinery applications where D3 water resistance is required. It can also be used for applications where a faster cure speed is required.

Application uses:

D3 W3001 is ideal for the following applications:

  • Wooden furniture
  • Internal windows & doors
  • High pressure laminates
  • Suitable for hot or cold press after laminate bonding to MDF / chipboard / plywood
  • Kitchen & bathroom furniture

Assembling Flat-Pack Furniture

Use D3 Wood PVA Adhesive – W3001 to strengthen the joints and ensure a longer-lasting hold when assembling flat-pack furniture.

Repairing Wooden Toys

Safe for use on children’s toys, this adhesive can be used to repair broken wooden toys, restoring their structure and durability.

Creating Wooden Models

Ideal for hobbyists making wooden models as it provides a strong bond that dries clear, maintaining the aesthetic of the piece.

Fixing Veneers to Furniture

Apply D3 Wood PVA Adhesive to attach new veneers to furniture or to repair peeling ones, enhancing the furniture’s appearance and extending its life.

Attaching Wooden Trim

Perfect for adhering wooden trim or moulding on walls and furniture, this adhesive ensures a firm grip and a neat finish.

Constructing Birdhouses

Build durable and weather-resistant birdhouses by using D3 Wood PVA Adhesive for assembling and sealing wooden parts.

Repairing Wooden Frames

Use this adhesive to fix cracks or breaks in wooden frames, be it for pictures, mirrors, or doors.

Crafting Custom Shelving

Create custom wooden shelves with confidence by using this strong-bonding adhesive to ensure stability and strength of the joints.

Making and Repairing Instruments

Suitable for making or repairing wooden musical instruments, ensuring joints are secure without affecting the sound quality.

Binding Books

Though not a typical use, D3 Wood PVA Adhesive can be used in bookbinding to adhere wooden covers or decorative pieces securely.

Fast curing

This wood PVA bond speed can be improved further by IR / RF or UV curing.

Machines suitable for

This adhesive is suitable for all roller gluers, Hot & Cold Presses, RF, IR & UV drying.


D3 PVA W3001 has the following beneficial properties:

  • Fast rate of bond strength development
  • High bond strengths
  • High water resistance to D3 of EN204
  • Quick drying – Excellent initial tack with short open time
  • Exceptional quality control produces unrivalled consistency

Adhesive specifications

Polymer BasePVA
Storage5°C – 20°C
DilutionUse neat
Usage temperatureAmbient
Solids Content48-51%

Available sizes

We offer this PVA adhesive in multiple sizes such as:

  • 1KG D3 Wood PVA – W3001
  • 5KG D3 Wood PVA – W3001
  • 25KG D3 Wood PVA – W3001


This adhesive offers the user a high water resistance to D3 EN204.

D3 External glue price

If you buy this adhesive in bulk we offer a discounted rate making it even better value for money.

Not sure if this PVA Adhesive is right for you?

If you are not sure if this adhesive is right for you requirements, please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

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