Wood & Board PVA - W3000

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Product Overview

Wood & Board PVA W3000 is an outstanding PVA specifically designed for the craft industry. It's called Wood & Board PVA because it's great at sticking wood and board, but it's equally great at bonding paper and hardboard. This product forms high bond strengths and has good gap fill capabilities. It has good initial tack and long open time. 

Product Options
This water-based adhesive is perfect for gluing. It comes in an easy-to-use bottles, in sizes 150ml, 250ml or 500ml, so it is ready to apply. It's easily washable from skin, clothing and work surfaces too.

Order your bottle of Wood & Board PVA W3000 today and get started on your craft project!

Product Specifications

Bottle Size 150ml, 250ml, 500ml
Used For Wood and board
Viscosity 7500-8500 mPas



(No reviews yet) Write a Review