Crack Repair Acrylic Adhesive - WC102 - 250ml

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Product Overview

This acrylic adhesive is fast acting, clear and specifically formulated to bond acrylic, it is particularly suited to repairing hairline cracks in caravan windows. This version of the acrylic adhesive is supplied as a kit including a disposable hand syringe and a fine dosing tip to assist you with the application into the crack. If your window is de-laminated, this product is too thin for the job.

As it is very thin it will "wick" into cracks, it will evaporate very quickly and should leave no residue.

When using this product for the first time in caravan window repairs we recommend practising on a scrap piece or similar to familiarise yourself with how quickly it comes out of the tip. 

If you spill on the window or apply too much, do not wipe off as this will smudge the window. Try to put the tip of a tissue or similar into the adhesive and allow it to be absorbed.


  • Very Low Viscosity;
  • Fast Curing.

Product Specifications

Bonds Acrylic
Gap fill None
Speed of cure Very fast
Viscosity Water thin

 This is a lot of product, so if you are only undertaking a single window repair we recommend our 50ml kit.



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