Non-Flammable Sprayable Contact - C5154 - 5L

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Product Overview

Non-Flammable Sprayable Contact C5154 is a powerful, general purpose contact adhesive, having high heat resistance up to 95°C. It will bond a wide range of materials including Asbestolux, plywood, chipboard, rigid polyurethane, foam cushioning and hessian covered expanded polystyrene.

Non-Flammable Sprayable Contact C5154 has been developed to be applied with contact adhesive spray systems. The high performance of the finished bond makes it suitable for use in a wide range of applications, particularly in the building, automotive and furniture industries.

Typical Uses - Building Industry
This contact adhesive will bond a wide range of materials including Asbestolux, plywood, chipboard, rigid polyurethane and PVC foam, laminated plastics, copper and aluminium foils, vitreous enamelled metal paints and other painted surfaces. It is ideally suited for use in the manufacture of curtain wall laminated insulation on infill panels.

Typical Uses - Furniture Industry
This contact adhesive will bond laminated plastic veneers, such as Formica, Arborite and Perstop, etc., to a wide variety of core materials. Bonding foam cushioning to moulded chair shells and settees C5154 will withstand the heavy bullnozing required for edge finishing. C5154 contact adhesive will adhere to most shell materials including rigid polyurethane, plywood, fibreboard, polyester mouldings, hessian covered expanded polystyrene.

Available Products

It is also available in 25L tins and can be tinted as a spraying aid. If you require either of these please call the office on 01509 815550 as they are not available on the website.

Product Specifications

Colour Neutral
Base Neoprene
Temperature Resistance 95°C
Application Method Spray



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