Crack Repair Acrylic Adhesive – WC102

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This Crack Repair Acrylic Adhesive is fast acting, clear and specifically formulated to bond acrylic, it is particularly suited to repairing hairline cracks in caravan windows. This acrylic adhesive is supplied as a kit including a fine dosing tip to assist with application into the crack.

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This Caravan Crack Repair Kit is fast acting, clear and specifically formulated adhesive kit to bond acrylic, it is particularly suited to repairing hairline cracks in caravan windows. This acrylic adhesive is supplied as a kit including a fine dosing tip to assist with application into the crack.

Application uses

This Caravan Crack Repair Kit, with its specific formulation for bonding acrylic, is incredibly versatile, particularly for caravans and similar applications where clear, durable repairs are needed.

‌Some of its use cases can tend to consist of:

Caravan Windows

It is ideal for mending hairline cracks in acrylic windows to restore strength and clarity, prevent further damage, and maintain the window’s integrity.

Motorhome Skylights

Similar to caravan windows, this adhesive can be used to fix small cracks in motorhome skylights, ensuring they remain watertight and straightforward.

Motorcycle Windshields

This repair kit also benefits motorcycle windshields made from acrylic, fixing cracks caused by road debris or wear.

Acrylic Greenhouse Panels

Small cracks in greenhouse panels can be repaired, maintaining the greenhouse’s optimal environment for plant growth.

Plastic Car and Caravan Light Covers

It can be used to mend cracks in the plastic covers over headlights and taillights, keeping them in good condition and ensuring safety.

Plastic Shower Panels

This adhesive can repair acrylic shower panels in the bathroom, preventing water leakage and prolonging their life.

Outdoor Acrylic Furniture

Cracks in outdoor furniture made from acrylic or similar plastics can be invisibly repaired, extending the furniture’s usability.

Safety Shields and Visors

The kit can repair minor damage to protective acrylic safety gear, such as shields and visors, maintaining the needed clarity and protection.

Acrylic Signs

Cracks in acrylic signage, whether for business or decorative purposes, can be seamlessly repaired, preserving the sign’s appearance and durability.

‌Remember, while this kit is versatile, its effectiveness depends on the size and nature of the crack or damage.
Consequently, it is best suited for small hairline cracks where an evident bond is essential.

More significant or more structural damage issues might require more extensive repairs or even replacements.

If your window is de-laminated, this product is too thin for the job. This is purely for hairline crack repair.

Wick into Cracks

As it is very thin it will “wick” into cracks, it will evaporate very quickly and should leave no residue.

Application uses

  • Bond acrylic
  • Repairing hairline cracks in caravan windows

No residue

This acrylic adhesive will evaporate very quickly and should leave no residue.

Ideal for use with

It is ideal for use with a syringe or fine dosing tip.

Adhesive features

This adhesive has the following properties:

  • Very Low Viscosity
  • Fast Curing

Adhesive variations

This adhesive comes in several variations, these being:

  • 50ml Crack Repair Acrylic Adhesive – WC102
  • 250ml Crack Repair Acrylic Adhesive – WC102

PLEASE NOTE: WC102 purchased in this small 50ml bottle has a shelf life of 3-4 weeks and should be used in this time frame, as it can evaporate through the bottle. For this reason, please do not purchase this to use in several months time.

Adhesive technical information

Polymer BaseMethylene Chloride
AppearanceClear liquid
Viscosity CPSWater like
Coverage6-8 m2 / litre approx.
Dilution SolventNot recommended
Shelf Life3-4 weeks (50ml bottle only)

How to use this Caravan Crack Repair Kit?

Note: Before bonding your materials, we recommend a preliminary compatibility test.

  1. Supplied ready for use, it is best applied by bottle or syringe with a suitable dosing tip.
  2. All surfaces to be adhered must be dry and free from grease. Degrease with a suitable degreaser.
  3. The adhesive is normally “wicked” into the joint. Ideally, a pressure of 80 kilos per square metre should be applied over the bonded area.
  4. Care should be taken to avoid excess adhesive outside the bonding area. The adhesive is very aggressive so any excess could cause smearing on the acrylic and should be soaked up with tissue or similar and not wiped. Wiping could result in smearing the surface of the acrylic quite badly.

When using this caravan window repair adhesive for the first time we recommend practising on a scrap piece or similar to familiarise yourself with how quickly it comes out of the tip.

If you spill on the window or apply too much, do not wipe off as this will smudge the window. Try to put the tip of a tissue or similar into the adhesive and allow it to be absorbed.

Precautionary information

  1. Large face-to-face surfaces will be a problem as the solvent has to evaporate. Too large an area may result in the adhesive inside the joint gradually eating into the substrate as it cannot evaporate.
  2. WC102 in 50ml is supplied in plastic bottles please use within 3-4 weeks of purchase as it can evaporate through the bottle.
  3. WC102 supplied in metal containers has a shelf life of 1 year if stored correctly.
  4. Store between 5°C and 25°C.

Crack Window Repair Adhesive price

If you buy this Crack Repair Acrylic Adhesive in bulk we offer a discounted rate making it even better value for money.

Not sure if this Crack Repair Acrylic Adhesive is right for your requirements?

If you are not sure if this adhesive kit is correct for your requirements please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can point you in the right direction.

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50ml Kit, 250ml Kit

13 reviews for Crack Repair Acrylic Adhesive – WC102

  1. M Duddridge

    Very good product. Very thin so use only for cracks.. for a bit more money get the large tin then it’ll keep longer.

  2. Clive Smith

    It’s only been a week since the repair was made but it seems to have stopped the crack spreading.

  3. John kerr

    Repaired the crack in one window and bonded the delaminated window, excellent delivery and service thank you.

  4. Eric John Heathcote

    I purchased this product to fix a large crack in my daughter’s Motorhome sky light. I was more than pleased with the result. It certainly saved the cost of a replacement sky light.

  5. Mike

    Application can be tricky , I found laying window / crack flat and dipping a wooden bbq skewer into the glue ( nozzle removed) and using this method to control the amount and accuracy whilst applying.

  6. V.Davies

    Followed the full instructions and the product performed as claimed

  7. Zoe

    Noticed a huge crack in the front window of the caravan. It was allowing water between the 2 laminations. Managed to drain the water and dry it out. Used wc102 and it was incredible how it sealed the crack. The adhesive is like water consistency but the instructions show to dab with kitchen towel if it runs which I did and the window has been battered with 50mph winds and heavy rain and not a drop of water has leaked. This stuff is incredible. I also purchased the delamination adhesive and that is miracle stuff. My mum’s touring van window was brittle and completely delamination, it cured super fast within a few hours and I can’t get my fingernail between the 2 panels now. I’ve mentioned this adhesive to a few of the season pitch holders who are having the same issues so hopefully it works just as well for them.

  8. coral amber smith

    Amazing product easy to use and when I called for help staff very clear and happy to help.

  9. Derek s yates

    Very good

  10. Janice Dunton

    Worked really well and fixed the crack. It was difficult to apply and would have been easier if a syringe was also supplied.

  11. Jon ellis

    Does what it says on the bottle

  12. Phil Skinner

    Excellent. Easy to use.

  13. Ian nunn

    Does what it says on the tin easy to use and works really well repaired cracked caravan window.

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