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Non-Flammable Sprayable Contact C5154 is a powerful, general purpose contact adhesive, having high heat resistance up to 95°C. It will bond a wide range of materials including Asbestolux, plywood, chipboard, rigid polyurethane, foam cushioning and hessian covered expanded polystyrene.

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Non-Flammable Sprayable Contact C5154 is a powerful, general purpose contact adhesive, having high heat resistance up to 95°C. It will bond a wide range of materials including Asbestolux, plywood, chipboard, rigid polyurethane, foam cushioning and hessian covered expanded polystyrene.

Non-Flammable Sprayable Contact C5154 has been developed to be applied with contact adhesive spray systems. The high performance, high temp adhesive liquid of the finished bond makes it suitable for use in a wide range of applications, particularly in the building, automotive and furniture industries.

Adhesive based on

This contact spray adhesive is a high-performance sprayable adhesive based on a blend of synthetic polymers and resins in non-flammable solvents.

Bonding non-structural components

C5154 adhesive’s unique combination of aggressive tack, fast bond development and high bond strength coupled with economical cost provide a modern and safe method of bonding non-structural components.

Permanent and secure

Bonds made with C5154 are permanent and secure when exposed to the temperature and ageing conditions likely to be found in service.

Contact adhesive uses

Non-Flammable Sprayable Contact Adhesive is ideal for the following uses:

Building Industry

This contact adhesive will bond a wide range of materials including:

  • Asbestolux
  • Plywood
  • Chipboard
  • Rigid polyurethane
  • PVC foam
  • Laminated plastics
  • Copper
  • Aluminium foils
  • Hardboard
  • Fibreglass and other types of wood
  • Vitreous enamelled metal paints and other painted surfaces
  • Manufacture of curtain wall laminated insulation on infill panels

Furniture Industry

This contact adhesive will bond:

  • Furnishing fabrics
  • Laminated plastic veneers – such as Formica, Arborite and Perstop
  • Bonding foam cushioning to moulded chair shells and settees C5154 will withstand the heavy bullnozing required for edge finishing
  • Rigid polyurethane
  • Plywood
  • Fibreboard
  • Polyester mouldings
  • Hessian covered expanded polystyrene
  • Felt
  • Upholstery padding
  • Foam conversion

Known as

This flame retardant spray glue is known as / for use on:

  • Non-Flam Sprayable Contact
  • Non flammable foam glue
  • Non flammable foam adhesive
  • Sprayable foam adhesive
  • Low pressure sprayable foam glue
  • Laminate glue
  • Laminate adhesive
  • Laminate contact adhesive
  • Heat resistant glue
  • Contact adhesive spray

Variations of this adhesive

This heat resistant spray liquid glue is also available in 25 Litre tins and can be tinted as a spraying aid. If you require either of these please call the office on 01509 815550 as they are not available on the website.

Adhesive benefits

This spray liquid glue has the following benefits:

  • High performance sprayable contact adhesive
  • Based on non-flammable solvents
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Short open time
  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Easy to use

Adhesive information

The following technical information and data should be considered representative or typical only. Therefore, the information should not be used for specification purpose.

ColourClear / red
Temperature Resistance95°C
Specific Gravity1.23
Total Solids Content14.0% – 16.5%
Viscosity (20°C)300-600 cP
Open timeImmediate – 10 minutes
Cure time7 days
Heat ResistanceUp to 95°C
Coverage5m2 to 9m2 / litre
Application MethodSpray

Handling and Applications

It is advised that users conduct their own tests to determine the suitability of the product for their specific application.

Surface preparation

All substrates must be clean of any dust, grit, loose material, wax, grease and oil using a suitable cleaner. The materials to be bonded should be dry.

Adhesive application


  1. Spray-apply an even coating of C5154 on to both surfaces that are to be bonded.
  2. Bonds should be consolidated immediately or up to 10 minutes afterwards dependent on the conditions, porosity of the substrate and the amount of adhesive applied.
  3. Locate the coated surfaces accurately before bringing them into contact, as an immediate bond will be formed.
  4. Apply firm even pressure to consolidate the bond.

In certain application, the high tack properties of C5154 allow a one-way stick operation. Follow the procedure above, only applying the adhesive in a thicker coat to one of the substrates.

Curing information

The immediate high contact bond strength increases appreciably within the next 48 hours and will develop still further in service. For the best heat resistance, leave at room temperature for 7 days, before placing in to service.

Cleaning information

A suitable cleaner, such as C1011, should be used to remove residues from surfaces.

Precautionary information

  1. C5154 is classified as hazardous according to Directive EC 1272/2008. Please refer to the C5154 Safety Data Sheet for further health & safety information.
  2. Stored in well-sealed containers, C5154 will keep satisfactorily for up to 12 months, from date of manufacture. C5154 must be protected from frost and stored between 5°C – 25°C.

Fire retardant spray adhesive price

If you buy this adhesive liquid in bulk we offer a discounted rate making it even better value for money.

Not sure if this Non-Flammable Sprayable Contact Adhesive Liquid is right for your requirements?

If you are not sure if this adhesive is correct for your requirements please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can point you in the right direction.

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