Caravan Repair Adhesives

Caravan Repair Adhesives

At Bondrite we understand that the cost of new replacement windows and floors in caravans and motorhomes is often very high. So we offer a variety of products to enable you to repair rather than replace. The range includes: Window cracks and delaminations; Panel and Floor repairs and paintless dent removal.

For window cracks

For a partial window delamination

If there is a dotting pattern round the edge

For a full delamination

To remove a dent

Our Caravan Repair Adhesives Products

Caravan Repair Adhesives Explored

Let's explore this range of Caravan Repair Adhesives in more detail.

Ideal for or known as

These adhesives are ideal for the following types of use cases and applications, or known as:

  • Acrylic glue for window repair
  • Acrylic panel adhesive
  • Acrylic sheet adhesive
  • Bond acrylic
  • Caravan floor repair
  • Caravan stress crack repair adhesive
  • Caravan window adhesive
  • Caravan window bonding glue
  • Caravan window delamination repair kit
  • Caravan window repair adhesive
  • Caravan window repair glue
  • Caravan window repair
  • Caravan window repairs
  • Delaminated acrylic windows in caravans
  • Delaminated window adhesive
  • Delaminated window glue
  • Glue for caravan windows
  • Perspex
  • Repair of delaminated caravan windows
  • Repairing hairline cracks in caravan windows
  • Window delamination adhesive
  • Dent repair
  • Dent removal
  • Paintless dent removal
  • PDR glue
  • PDR hotmelt
  • Repair of dints in cars, caravans and motorhomes
  • Caravan panel adhesive

Caravan Window Delamination Acrylic Repair Bonding Adhesive - WC105

This delamination adhesive is particularly suited to the repair of delaminated caravan windows.

This delamination adhesive is a clear, medium viscosity and specifically formulated for acrylic sheet and components. It is a ready-mixed, colourless, solvent-based adhesive, and consists of an acrylic polymer and methyl methacrylate monomer dissolved in solvents.

WC105 then hardens as the solvent is absorbed or evaporates, depositing polymer in the joint. In addition, the solvent softens the surfaces being joined so that they fuse, hardening as the solvent migrates into the body of the substrate.

Available in the following size:

Caravan Floor Repair Kit - A8136

This Caravan Floor Repair Kit, A8136, is a two-part, low viscosity, fast-cure, epoxy resin based adhesive kit which has been designed specifically for the repair of delaminated caravan floors where bubbling has occurred. Consequently, this adhesive is specifically designed to be used from inside the caravan, not from underneath.

This 1.5KG adhesive kit will repair approximately 4 sq metres of flooring based on drilling holes at a spacing of 250mm centres.

Available in the following size:

Paintless Dent Remover Kit - XPULRKT

This dent removal kit is perfect for removing dents in car, vans and caravans. Suitable for the removal of door dings, hail damage, minor body creases and minor bumper indentations. Unlike more established methods of dent removal, glue PDR has the advantage of being more precise and effective, as well as being compatible with both aluminium and steel doors. Using this technique also makes it easier to correct dents in hard to reach areas. The T-bar design allows for more pulling force to be applied to the tabs to enable an easier dent repair.

The kit includes a dent removal repair T-bar tool, 18 tabs of varying shapes and sizes and 5 sticks of specialised dent removal hot melt. All you need is a hot melt gun to apply the hot melt to a dent remover tab and attach the tab to the dent. Allow the hot melt to cool for 30-40 seconds and then using the puller slide hammer T-bar tool pull the tab away from the vehicle panel. The hot melt then simply peels off the car without causing any paintwork damage.

Available in the following size:

Delamination Acrylic Adhesive - 45ml Kit S1227

Delamination Acrylic Adhesive S1227 is a two-component, transparent acrylic adhesive (cement) for the high-strength bonding of plastics such as acrylic and perspex.

This adhesive is particularly suited to repairing delaminated acrylic windows in caravans. It is the replacement for our S1220 which was our most popular product for delaminated caravan window repair. The S1227 offers some very important advantages over the original S1220.

The most common issue raised by users of the S1220 was that the open time was very short, only 1-2 minutes. The S1227 offers the user a much better open time of approximately 15-20 minutes. The S1220 was only available in 25ml due to the restriction on the size of the self plunger type cartridge which meant that the maximum bead length was only 1.5m. As the S1227 comes in a bottle we can increase the amount of adhesive provided meaning that for almost the same price as the original S1220 the user now gets enough adhesive for 3-5m bead length. This makes the product even more economical relative to the price of a new window.

The S1227 is easy to use, dries clear and once cured forms a bond that is stronger than the window itself.

Available in the following size:

Caravan Panel Repair Adhesive - A5045

Caravan Panel Repair Adhesive A5045 is a thixotropic, no-drip, two-part adhesive specifically designed for the repair of external and internal caravan panels where the aluminium sheet has become delaminated or where accidental damage has occurred.

The panel repair adhesive cures to form a hard, tough, resilient bond which is resistant to water, solvents and heat. The adhesive can also be used for bonding metals, plastics and building surfaces such as concrete, asbestos board etc. It has found use as a body-filler and for repairing damaged concrete.

Available in the following size:

Crack Repair Acrylic Adhesive - WC102

This acrylic adhesive is fast acting, clear and specifically formulated to bond acrylic, it is particularly suited to repairing hairline cracks in caravan windows. This acrylic adhesive is supplied as a kit including a fine dosing tip to assist with application into the crack. If your window is de-laminated, this product is too thin for the job.

Available in the following size:

Images of Caravan Repair Adhesives

Crack Repair Acrylic Adhesive - WC102 - 50ml Delamination Acrylic Adhesive - 45ml Kit S1227 Paintless Dent Remover Kit - XPULRKT Caravan Panel Repair Adhesive - A5045 Caravan Floor Repair Kit - A8136

Price of Caravan Repair Adhesives

Caravan Repair Adhesives can cost from £8.60 / kit.

Not sure if Caravan Repair Adhesives are right for your requirements?

If you are not sure if these adhesives are correct for your requirements please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can point you in the right direction.

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