Repair to a de-laminated window on a caravan

Repair to a de-laminated window on a caravan

The following is a testimonial and user guide, which was kindly written for us by customer Ray McGivern in September 2020 and used with his permission.

Below are the stages of a repair to a caravan using Bondrite Clear Acrylic Adhesive S1220. I had searched for a suitable product and eventually discovered the Bondrite Company who I found to be extremely helpful in answering quite a few queries along the way. The following is the step-by-step photographs of how I proceeded in my endeavours which I have put together and Bondrite are welcome to use it as a guide to others if they so wish.

Step 1

de-laminated window being opened

This shows the de-laminated window being opened up firstly to extract any particles that had found there way into the window. This window was leaking badly and had some bits inside. Care needs to be taken to prevent full separation.

Step 2

extract particles

To extract the particles I used a small plastic pipe (off a garden watering system) connected to a vacuum cleaner. This could be moved gently around the inside of the window.

Step 3

inserted nozzle at the end of the adhesive filler

The nozzle at the end of the adhesive filler was inserted and a reasonable amount of adhesive applied. This needs to be done extremely quickly as the setting time is very short. It is good to have assistance to place clamps on whilst moving along the joint.

Step 4

clamps are now in place

All the clamps are now in place and awaiting setting of the compound.

Step 5

WC102 being used

These are the clamps on the corner. Note at each end of the joint it is not easy to get the adhesive right to the end, however I used a small amount of another product from Bondrite Adhesives called WC102 which appears to have completed the joint.

Step 6

adhesive which has oozed out of the joint

This shows the adhesive which has oozed out of the joint and it was very easy to use a file to make it flush with the edge of the window.


Depending upon the extent of the de-lamination it may well be prudent, if possible, to separate the two sides of the window. I would advise to progress slowly with the repair as you only have one chance. I would also advise the purchase of several nozzles. They are cheap enough, since the adhesive sets very quickly and they can’t be used again because they block up.

Finally I want thank Bondrite, in particular Richard Hall, for their assistance and almost instant replies to any questions I had.

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