Caravan Floor Repair Kit - A8136

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Product Overview

This Caravan Floor Repair Kit, A8136, is a two-part, low viscosity, fast-cure, epoxy resin based adhesive kit which has been designed specifically for the repair of delaminated caravan floors where bubbling has occurred. Consequently, this adhesive is specifically designed to be used from inside the caravan, not from underneath.

This 1.5KG adhesive kit will repair approximately 4 sq metres of flooring based on drilling holes at a spacing of 250mm centres.

Kit consists of

You get everything you need in this flooring repair kit, so your delaminated caravan floor will be fixed with minimal hassle and expenditure.

Application uses

This delamination repair kit kit is designed for the repair of laminated panels where "bubbling" has occurred; however, in addition this adhesive may also be used for conventional bonding processes where an epoxy-type is specified and low viscosity is deemed an advantage. Consequently, it can be used in the following applications:

  • Caravan floor repair
  • Packaging applications
  • Printing and print finishing
  • Furniture
  • Product assembly markets
  • Bonding materials such as: paper & board, timber, hardboard, foams, ABS, Perspex, aluminium, and other porous and non-porous materials

Curing information

This adhesive has been designed to cure up in totally enclosed spaces.

Does not attack plastics

Since it contains no solvent it will not attack sensitive plastics, such as polystyrene.

Known as

This adhesive is also known as:

  • Caravan Floor Repair Kit
  • Two part repair kit
  • Caravan floor delamination repair kit
  • Floor repair
  • Panel repair kit
  • Caravan panel repair
  • Laminated panel repair
  • Laminated panel adhesive
  • Caravan panel adhesive
  • Caravan soft floor repair kit
  • Floor panel adhesive
  • Panel delamination adhesive

Adhesive information

Base Component A: Epoxy
Component B: Amine
Appearance Clear straw
Temperature resistance -30°C to 90°C
Coverage 4m2 / Litre (at 0.25mm)
Application temperature -40°C to +70°C
Solids 100%
Viscosity Component A: 600-1400 cps
Component B: 300-800 cps
Shelf life 3 months (25°C)
Environmental Solvent-free
Cleaner Solvent 3 (whilst uncured)

How to use

  1. Mix Component A with Component B at a 2:1 ratio (A:B), by weight or volume. Only the amount required immediately should be mixed since being a fast-cure material it has a limited pot-life (10 minutes for a 100 gram mix)
  2. The bond should then be clamped or placed under pressure for 1-2 hours until cure has taken place

Storage and handling

This Caravan Floor Repair Kit should be stored in conditions such that moisture is excluded, preferably in the original containers kept tightly closed. Component A may crystallise in storage at low temperatures; gentle warming will remove the crystallisation.

This adhesive should be stored unopened in a dry condition at a temperature of 5°C - 25&degC. This will ensure the stated shelf-life. Please note: the adhesive will have a limited life once the container is opened.

Temperature and timings

All information on temperature and timings represent normal working conditions and is provided as a guideline only. However, please contact us for advice if you wish to operate outside of these parameters.

Caravan delamination floor repair kit price

If you buy this contact adhesive in bulk it can cost from only £60.25 / kit.

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