Heavy Duty Contact Adhesive Spray - M1600

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Product Overview

This Heavy Duty Contact Adhesive Spray M1600 is a high-tack contact adhesive spray aerosol which does not contain CFCs. It bonds a wide variety of substrates, including wood, metals, rubber, fabric, most plastics, cardboard, polythene and concrete, as well as decorative laminates. It can also be used to bond expanded polystyrene when forming a bond to a different substrate; in this instance the product should be used as a one-way stick and only applied to the opposite substrate.

It is ideal for permanent bonds that require good initial bond strength. It provides good temperature resistance and if protected from contamination has an open time of several hours. 

Benefits include:

  • CFC-free;
  • Fast and strong tack;
  • Foaming formula for low soak in.

Product Specfications

Colour Clear
Coverage 2.5 sq. m
Heat resistance 70°C
Spray Pattern Web



(No reviews yet) Write a Review