Metalwork Adhesives

At Bondrite, we strive to provide the most extensive range of metalwork adhesives covering speed of cure, strength and flexibility of application. We stock contact adhesives for large area coverage for bonding metal to itself and other industrial substrates and structural acrylics for permanent fixing of metals to themselves.

Aluminium is thought to be very difficult to bond but we can guide you through the process to achieve excellent and permanent bonds.


Vertical surface bonds, high peel strength, excellent solvent & environmental resistance, in black and white


High mechanical strength, high impact resistance, bonds dissimilar metals and composites


High strength bonds, excellent resistance to heat, saltwater and humidity


Excellent heat resistant adhesion, perfect for manual application, long open tack-time

  • steel stick epoxy

    Steel Epoxy Stick - S1010

    Steel Epoxy Sticks S1010 are hand-kneaded, non-rusting and steel-reinforced Epoxy Putty that mixes in one minute to provide fast, permanent repairs to items made of ferrous and aluminium metals. Each stick comes in a handy rod form with the curing...

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  • Aluminium epoxy stick

    Aluminium Epoxy Stick- S1011

    Aluminium Epoxy Sticks S1011 are hand-kneaded, non-rusting and aluminium reinforced epoxy putty sticks that mix in one minute to provide fast, permanent repairs to items made of ferrous and aluminium metals. Each aluminium epoxy stick comes in a...

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  • pink and green adhesive

    Toughened Acrylic Adhesive - S1500

    Toughened Acrylic Adhesive S1500 is a two-component, pink and green, structural methacrylate adhesive, designed for the bonding of high strength metal and composite applications. It is suitable for bonding Aluminium, Stainless Steel, carbon fibre, GRP...

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  • S1300 Structural Methacrylate  50ml (White)

    Structural Methacrylate Adhesive - S1300

    Structural Methacrylate Adhesive S1300 is a two-part A&B component system ideal for all types of bonding requirements on steel, aluminium, polycarbonates and general plastics. It is also very good on vertical surface bonds because it is an MMA...

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  • Gun - Applicator Gun 310ml

    Applicator Guns

    There are four different guns available, based on the size of the catridge being used.  We stock a 50ml & 400ml 1:1 ratio twin catridge gun, a standard & heavy duty 310ml gun. Please call if you are unsure about which option to choose. Twin...

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  • contact adhesive

    Contact Adhesive - C2626

    Contact Adhesive C2626 is a brushable contact adhesive, suitable for a range of internal and external applications. It will bond all grades of timber and most plastics. It is also suitable for use with hard furnishings, cotton-backed vinyl and most...

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  • C5004 kit 250ml

    Rubber Contact Adhesive Kit - C5004

    Rubber Contact Adhesive Kit C5004 is a specifically formulated two-part system to provide an excellent water-resistant bond making it particularly suitable for the fabrication of inflatable products such as boats, wet/dry suits, marine fenders and...

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