Q1. Caravan window crack

One of my caravan windows has cracks and your company was recommended & WC102. I’m wondering if this would be suitable?

A1. Answer

If these cracks are quite fine (hairline) and require no "gapfill", then WC102 would be most suited.

It would be ideal if the window could be as level as possible though to : 1/ allow the WC102 to wick into the crack and 2/ prevent it running straight down a vertical pane, as it is so very thin.

Q2. Caravan window delamination

What is the best adhesives to glue the inner section and the outer section of a caravan window together.

A2. Answer

There are 3 products on our website under the caravan repair products.

See S1220 or WC112 or WC105

It all depends upon the size of the de-lamination, as there are limitations to the lengths of bead from each unit.

A 25ml cartridge of S1220 will dispense approximately 1.5 metres in length, a 50ml bottle of WC105 or WC112 will dispense approx. 3 metres.

Should your window have a "dotted" or "mesh" type insert around the edge, we would suggest S1220 or WC112 as the option.

Carriage costs etc (for your information), as follows.

S1220 or 50ml/250ml WC105/WC112 @ £6.00.

These charges would not show until you have placed your order online.

Q3. Delivery charges

I need the product for an urgent repair to my caravan. I am concerned at you deliver times and costs. For £6.12 I would expect to receive the product in at least two days.

A3. Answer

We send 99% of our orders out on the day of placement as long as ordered before noon and only show 2 days due to weekend ordering by customers, which if they order Friday after noon will not receive until Tuesday, as we do not ship weekends.

With regard to the costs, we cannot ship our products by Royal Mail as they are all classed as hazardous goods and as such we have to use a courier who is able to deal with the products we ship. This does result in slightly higher delivery charges however our courier service to most of the UK is a next day service and they will send you a timeslot on the morning to advise of a delivery time.

Q4. Delivery outside the UK

Hello, I need WC123 petg weld cement and dispenser for my creations. Is it possible to be delivered in Belgium?

A4. Answer

I am sorry, but no, we are not in a position to ship abroad, due to the nature of the item & the regulations for shipping.

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